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Cost of Insurance (COI) Update: Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Very recently, we received the first notice (Notice of Change in Non-guaranteed Elements of your Policy) in what appears to be another wave of COI increases from Transamerica Life Insurance Company.  As to why this increase is taking place, the multi-page letter indicates the following: What’s Changing and Why Once a month, Transamerica withdraws a monthly deduction from the policy's accumulation value (i.e., the [...]

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Upcoming Webinar November 16th: Life Insurance and Trusts: Power Tools of Estate Planning

Put on by the Trusts & Estates CLE Webinar Series - Sponsored by Life Insurance Trust Company Kenneth R. Samuelson - Morehead Group, Kristin Bulat - NFP & PartnersFinancial, Leon Wessels - Life Insurance Trust Company, John Barkhurst - ITM TwentyFirst, Susan Lipp - Trusts & Estates What is the best investment?  The one that is worth the most when needed the [...]

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TOLI Trustee Alert: Oops, the Policy Lapsed…Now What?

The most common fear for a life insurance trustee is that somehow the ball is dropped and the policy in their care lapses. After all, a trust-owned life insurance (TOLI) trustee, even if they are not sophisticated in all the nuances of life insurance policy management, should at least be able to keep the policy in force. But unintended lapses do happen, and when they [...]

COVID-19 Update: Life Settlement Lives Show Strong Indications of Vaccine Effectiveness During the First Half Of 2021

NOTE: The following data and analysis is based on experience through 6/30/2021, prior to the onset of the late-summer surge in COVID cases driven by the Delta Variant.  As of this writing the data has not developed sufficiently to allow us to provide insight on the impact of the “4th Wave” on the Life Settlement population.  We will provide another update in the coming [...]

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Take the TOLI Challenge: In a Permanent Life Insurance Policy, the Cost of the Policy is Equal to the Premium – Yes or No?

The answer is an emphatic NO. Some permanent life insurance policies, specifically guaranteed universal life (GUL) and Whole Life (WL), have required premiums, though WL out of pocket premiums can be reduced by dividends, paid-up addition cash values or policy loans. But the premium paid is not the actual cost of the policy and finding the underlying costs on the policies is a challenge. For [...]

Take the TOLI Challenge: Can You Answer This?

What steps should you take if a grantor says they want to surrender their policy? In the decade-plus that we have been managing life insurance for TOLI trustees, we have noticed that the weak link in their services usually is remediation. The inability to analyze policy options in changing situations is an area of future liability. Some trustees we have spoken with have surrendered policies [...]

Professional Designations: Training Your Staff Helps Your Team and Your Firm

Over the years, we at ITM TwentyFirst have been leaders in peer education. The TOLI Handbook, a free download available here as a PDF, provides industry peers with a single source guide for managing trust-owned life insurance (TOLI) trusts and policies. We have, over the years, provided hundreds of hours of professional CE for several professional designations. Our staff is encouraged and incentivized to seek [...]

Take the TOLI Challenge: Only Permanent Life Insurance Policies Can Be Sold, True or False?

Previously, we started the TOLI Challenge with the question: What is most important when determining the liability of a trustee’s actions? Click here for that answer.  Today, we have a follow up true or false question.   Only permanent life insurance policies can be sold in the life settlement market, True or False? It may surprise you that the answer is false – some term [...]

Join ITM TwentyFirst for a Week-Long Education Course on Unique and Hard to Value Assets

We at ITM TwentyFirst have always been very proactive about continuing education. Just like many other industries, the unique and hard to value asset industry is always changing and filled with complexity. Our team members, and the company as a whole, participate in several continuing education efforts every year. This summer, we will be taking part in a week-long course focused on administering Hard [...]

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