Cost of Insurance (COI) Update: Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Very recently, we received the first notice (Notice of Change in Non-guaranteed Elements of your Policy) in what appears to be another wave of COI increases from Transamerica Life Insurance Company.  As to why this increase is taking place, the multi-page letter indicates the following: What’s Changing and Why Once a month, Transamerica withdraws a monthly deduction from the policy's accumulation value (i.e., the [...]

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Upcoming Webinar November 16th: Life Insurance and Trusts: Power Tools of Estate Planning

Put on by the Trusts & Estates CLE Webinar Series - Sponsored by Life Insurance Trust Company Kenneth R. Samuelson - Morehead Group, Kristin Bulat - NFP & PartnersFinancial, Leon Wessels - Life Insurance Trust Company, John Barkhurst - ITM TwentyFirst, Susan Lipp - Trusts & Estates What is the best investment?  The one that is worth the most when needed the [...]

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The TOLI Handbook – Chapter 15: Understanding Life Expectancy Reports

We recently wrote about remediation and the challenges that TOLI trustees have when managing a policy.  Remediation is not just developing the best options for an under performing policy, increasingly it means maximizing the value of a policy that a grantor believes is no longer needed, or one whose expected funding has stopped. These decisions must be well-thought-out and every data point that can be [...]

Cost of Insurance (COI) Update: Nassau RE

In August of 2017, we notified you of the pending COI increase from Phoenix Life (A Nassau Re Co.) regarding the Phoenix Accumulator Universal Life and Phoenix Estate Legacy products.  While litigation and a class action settlement restricted Nassau from COI increases until after 12/31/2020, the original message indicated that “there will be an overall increase to cost of insurance rates, as well as [...]

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Upcoming Webinar October 6th: Life Insurance Trusts – An Insider’s Guide to Minimizing Liability and Maximizing Client Value

Put on by the Trusts & Estates CLE Webinar Series - Sponsored by Life Insurance Trust Company Leon Wessels - Life Insurance Trust Company, John Barkhurst - ITM TwentyFirst, Judith Pearson - Nomadx Solutions, Michael Brohawn - Your Life Insurance Solutions, Susan Lipp - Trusts & Estates Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs) have long been a cornerstone of many estate plans—and remain [...]

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Upcoming Webinar April 29th: 12 Things to Do While Managing ILITs During a Pandemic

For most corporate and professional trustees, the life insurance trust and policy administration landscape has changed drastically in recent months.  As a trustee, are you confident that your life insurance trusts are being managed properly in light of business continuity plans and work from home models?  This webinar will highlight the things you should be focused on right now to manage trust owned life [...]

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Allstate Sued by Firm Alleging Non-Payment of Death Benefits

In 2013, we wrote about the sale of Lincoln Benefit Life, an Allstate company, to Resolution Life Holdings, Inc. It was the first purchase in the States for the UK company, run by British entrepreneur, Clive Chowdry, whose ambition, according to the Financial Times, was to “buy up and roll together a number of life assurance businesses and to run them for cash instead of [...]

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Newspaper Headlines Highlight Changes in Life Insurance (and TOLI) Business

On October 30th 2018, Voya Financial, a company we wrote about because of a lawsuit filed against it for cost of insurance increases that occurred on universal life policies sold in the past under the Security Life of Denver banner, announced in its third-quarter earnings call it would be ceasing all life insurance sales as of the end of the year. The company, which was [...]

Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) Challenges Lincoln Enhanced Buyback Offer

Back in the spring, we reported on the Lincoln National “Enhanced Cash Surrender Value” offer the carrier began making to a select group of policyholders.  These unsolicited offers would allow policyholders to receive an amount higher than the current cash surrender value to return their policies to the carrier. As we noted, the offers were similar to some made on mispriced variable annuities after the [...]

Saskatchewan Government Squashes Investors Hope For Unlimited Returns Using Life Insurance

On October 29th the government of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan amended regulations dealing with premium deposits into a specially designed universal life policy.  The new rule limits deposits into “side accounts in life insurance policies to an amount equal to premiums required under contract.” (1) The new regulation comes as a court battle rages between Canadian life insurance carriers and investors who purchased the [...]

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