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The Latest Carrier To Raise Their Cost of Insurance Rates – Midland National Life Insurance Company

Over the last several years, we have posted several entries dealing with the cost of insurance (COI) increases we have seen in Current Assumption Universal life (CAUL) policies.  Starting back in 2015, we were among the first to bring notice on this issue.  This week, our Iowa office received yet another COI notice from a carrier joining the ranks – Midland National Life Insurance [...]

All About Equity Index Universal Life (EIUL) – Part Two: Policy Mechanics

In the first posting in this series on the equity index universal life (EIUL) policy, we talked about the popularity of the policy and the general characteristics of the policy. In this post, we will outline the mechanics of the policy. As we mentioned in the first post, the policy cash value is tied to an index, for example, the S&P 500. The gain [...]

All About Equity Index Universal Life (EIUL) – Part One: The EIUL Policy

A Three-Part Series for Trust-Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) Trustees As the back-office administrator of thousands of life insurance trusts for fiduciaries across the country, we deal with every type of policy. We have found the equity index universal life policy to be one of the most misunderstood policies in the TOLI space. This three-part series provides a thorough background in the policy, its mechanics, [...]

COVID-19 Update: Life Settlement Excess Mortality is in Decline

Executive Summary This post is a continuation of our analysis on COVID-19’s impact on Life Settlements. Life settlement excess mortality is in decline. Life settlement lives experienced lasting protection from pandemic-related mortality in 2021. We expect COVID’s impact on life settlements will continue to decline in the coming months outside of mild increases driven by future variants of the virus. Life Settlement Excess Mortality [...]

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What You Need to Know About Life Expectancy Estimates

Life expectancy estimates are used by life insurance companies and other organizations in various ways. The Life Settlement market relies heavily on this type of data to ensure the health of their portfolios. Let’s take a look at how life expectancy estimates are created, and what they include. How Life Expectancy Estimates are Calculated Life Expectancy (LE) estimates take a number of factors into [...]

3 Trends in Corporate ILIT Administration That You Should Be Aware Of

There are three continuing trends with respect to TOLI management in the corporate fiduciary space.  If you find yourself managing or overseeing TOLI at a bank or trust company, I’m sure you are seeing some of this play out in your own department. TREND #1 Overdependence on Support Software If used correctly, ILIT support software is great for minimizing potential administrative miscues.  Many of [...]

Cost of Insurance (COI) Update: Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Very recently, we received the first notice (Notice of Change in Non-guaranteed Elements of your Policy) in what appears to be another wave of COI increases from Transamerica Life Insurance Company.  As to why this increase is taking place, the multi-page letter indicates the following: What’s Changing and Why Once a month, Transamerica withdraws a monthly deduction from the policy's accumulation value (i.e., the [...]

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Upcoming Webinar November 16th: Life Insurance and Trusts: Power Tools of Estate Planning

Put on by the Trusts & Estates CLE Webinar Series - Sponsored by Life Insurance Trust Company Kenneth R. Samuelson - Morehead Group, Kristin Bulat - NFP & PartnersFinancial, Leon Wessels - Life Insurance Trust Company, John Barkhurst - ITM TwentyFirst, Susan Lipp - Trusts & Estates What is the best investment?  The one that is worth the most when needed the [...]

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TOLI Trustee Alert: Oops, the Policy Lapsed…Now What?

The most common fear for a life insurance trustee is that somehow the ball is dropped and the policy in their care lapses. After all, a trust-owned life insurance (TOLI) trustee, even if they are not sophisticated in all the nuances of life insurance policy management, should at least be able to keep the policy in force. But unintended lapses do happen, and when they [...]

COVID-19 Update: Life Settlement Lives Show Strong Indications of Vaccine Effectiveness During the First Half Of 2021

NOTE: The following data and analysis is based on experience through 6/30/2021, prior to the onset of the late-summer surge in COVID cases driven by the Delta Variant.  As of this writing the data has not developed sufficiently to allow us to provide insight on the impact of the “4th Wave” on the Life Settlement population.  We will provide another update in the coming [...]

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