Best-In-Class Life Insurance

Trust and Fiduciary Risk Management Solutions

Complete ILIT Administration & Risk Management

  • We created the process for effectively managing life insurance trusts, and we have the largest ILIT back-office in the country
  • You remain the trustee, but our team of life insurance trust specialists handles the ILIT administration
  • Our life insurance experts review and manage the policies for optimal performance and remediate troubled policies
  • We help you reduce the cost of administering trusts and managing policies while ensuring the grantors and beneficiaries achieve optimal results
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Closely Held Business Valuations

  • For any Trust or IRA holding an interest in a closely • held business, our Calculation Report complies with reporting requirements by providing an independent, fair market value
  • We can prepare competitive and comprehensive formal appraisals to properly file an estate or gift tax return (Form 706/709) that adhere to AICPA reporting standards to ensure credibility and withstand IRS scrutiny
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Successor Trustee Services

  • We have a proven, effective process that allows you to resign and Life Insurance Trust Company to succeed as trustee
  • We do not compete with you or your advisors. Our role is to serve as trustee or co-trustee for the ILIT only during the unfunded years
  • You may remain the primary client advisor. We do not provide traditional asset management services and we will not act as trustee once the ILIT is funded
  • Our annual trustee fees are under market and in many cases, we honor the fees you have in place
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Will File Platform

  • Our Will File Platform is a secure, web-based application that acts as a central repository for your will and unfunded trust client data.
  • This platform provides trust organizations with the tools and processes to enhance meaningful relationships with future clients, helps create revenue opportunities, and ensures your data is kept up-to-date
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