A Short Primer on Life Settlements for TOLI Trustees

Back when I was still in the life insurance brokerage world I got my first introduction to life settlements.  I will never forget the first words uttered by the salesman who was presenting that day..."Think of me as a used car salesman, but instead of selling cars I am selling used life insurance policies". I may not be the best marketer around, but I am [...]

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The ITM Blog is Now One Year Old

Looking back to check a past Blog this weekend I realized that the ITM Blog is now one year old.  I guess we can stop calling it the NEW ITM Blog now.  The first entry, Welcome to the ITM Blog, was posted on January 21, 2013.  I had hoped to post one or two Blogs a month and to date we have posted around 20 [...]

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What A Pack of Gum Has In Common With ILITs

I just returned from the Heckerling Institute of Estate Planning.  While passing though the Orlando International Airport (MCO) I stopped to get a pack of gum.  I was surprised to find that they do not sell gum at that airport.  It seems that it generates a maintenance issue they would rather not have. It makes sense.  The profit that the airport gets from selling gum [...]

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Illustrating Equity Index Universal Life Policies

In my last entry, What You (as Trustee) Need to Know About Equity Indexed Universal Life, I spoke about one of today’s hot insurance products. The EIUL policy is designed to capture a portion of the upside of the equity market, while limiting the downside.  The policy is credited with returns from an index without dividends, with both a cap on the upside and a guaranteed [...]

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